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WWE Night of Champions Real Time Report: Match By Match Coverage

By Aaron Wood Jun 29, 2008 - 7:17 PM print

Welcome to the 
WWE Night of Champions 2008
Real Time Report

This report is being written in real time.  You will need to hit refresh in order to see the latest results as they happen.

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That is right, Ladies and Gentlemen, the rumours are true...I'm back! Thanks to Real Time Mike Rickard for filling in these last few PPV's, but I'm back in place and with time to do the Real Time on the WWE PPVs. And after my last which was Wrestlemania, I'm back with another doozy as tonight is Night Of Champions, where each and every match is for a title and as the WWE keep saying, every title is on the line. We'll see about that. We'll see...

Anyway, if you are new to the site, when I check in here before the PPV, I like to leave you a little something related to the show in some bizarre way. Well, suffice to say, I ain't changing that. That said, even though I'm not a Queen fan, I just went with the obvious...


At least Queen aren't performing it...

Oh, and I couldn't let a night go by where "Champion" is such an operative word without including this...


See you in a bit!


Well, I'm back and here we go!!!

Our opening video is, naturally, all about Championships, with about everyone getting to say at least one word, although, naturally, HHH & Cena dominate thoughts.  We then move onto Edge vs. Batista and the recent beatings that La Familia have dished out.  Then we go back to HHH & Cena.

They pro shoots off and we see the rather regal entrance way bedecked in drapery.  Smackdown's JR & Foley introduce the show first off.

We jump right to Justin Roberts who intorduces the opener...

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Finlay & Hornswaggle in a "I might not review this.  I might just pray..." match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Miz & Morrison make their way out first, as JR & Foley ponder how much of a shot the challengers have in this match, given their relative size.  Foley pondered that Miz & Morrison might split if hey lose the titles here.  Good God no...  JR referenced a couple of former father/son tag champs, noting the Garibaldis and the Graham's.

Morrison and Finlay start things off.  Morrison is knocked down with a shouler and then downed with a european uppercut.  Short arm clothesline for a long 1 count.  Suplex-like slam sees Finlay put on a trapesius hold.  However, Finlay's head is rammed into the corner, sending Finlay out.  Morrison jumps out and get crothced on the apron.  However, Miz distracts Finlay and Morrison attacks.  The Champs grab Hornswaggle while FInlay is down.  Hornswaggle shows he means busioness by getting ready to work, but he rolls out the way and Finlay clotheslines the champions before using Hornswaggle as a weapon.  They both hit ass splashes to send the champs out the ring.  Back in the ringMorrison is able to gain control and he tags in Miz.  A doubel gutbuster scores a 2 count.  Miz puts on a chinlock.  Before the champs hit a lovely douible team in the corner that ends with a slingshot elbow for a 2 count.

Miz comes back in off the tag.  However, Finlay counters with a atomic drop.  Hornswaggle tags himself in and hit a hurricanrana, Stunner and a bulldog for a 2 count.  Amazing.  However, Morrison kicked the midget in the back, allowing the heels to regain control.  Finlay runs over, but this just distracts the ref.  Morrison is tagged and and he shoves Horny into the corner.  The pair then mock Swaggle's size, but while on their knees, the little guy throws some shots.  However, he's clotheslined by the pair as he went for the tag.

Miz worked Horny over in the corner.  However, he missed his corner clothesline when Horny moved.  However, Morrison was tagged quicker than Hornswaggle could get over and FInlay remained on the apron.  Again, Finlay ran inas Morssion picked up the little guy.  The midget wriggle dout and Finlay was tagged in.  Powerslam by Finlay scored a 2 count.  He then hit a missle dropkick form the second rope for another neafall.  The Celtic Cross was hit, but Miz prevented a pin form happening.  However, Miz was dumped out.  Another finisher to Finlay, but when Hornswaggle went up, Miz came back in and downed Finlay.  Morrison slammed hte midget off the top and made the cover for the three count!


After JR & Foley are done talking, they introduce Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.  They talk about the other 7 title matches tonight.  No Divas Title I guess.  They talk about the possibly historical match between HHH & John Cena.  Cole cues up a replay of the finish of Wrestlemania 22.  They then talk about the draft and how HHH has the bel on Smackdown.  They then open up a poll asking who will birng a title back to RAW, if anyone.

Next up is the US Title match...

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero in a "FAMILY MEMBERS OF MORE CHARISMATIC WORKERS COLLIDE~!" match for the US Title

Chavo comes out first with his personal fence, Bam Neely.  JR puts over the "Thunderbird" that is on Chavo's tights as it was the name of one of his other family members.  There's the fdifference in announcers right there.  The Extreme Hardy then comes out to a pretty big pop.  And indeed, Chavo ducks behind Bam when haryd get sin the ring.  Foley wondered if JR was happy he'd be calling the wedding nuptials with Edge & Vicki.  Foley put over his first title win being in Texas.  A loc up went nowhere, although the second saw Hardy grab the head.  Hardy knocked Chavo down, forcing him to back off.  Chavo grabbed a headlock takeover, but Hardy got out of it and sent Chavo into the corner.  Scoop Slam and Fist drop scored a 1 count.  Big backdrop to Chavo.  matt went tfor the corner bulldog, but it was blcoked and Chavo hit a chop block to Matt's repaired knee.

He worked it over using the ropes in the corner, before kicking the knee.  He then wrapped it around the ringpost.  Chavo pulled aweay the referee and Neely added more punishment to the knee, hitting it on the post again.  In the middl eo fhte ring, Hardy's leg was continued to be worked on.  Hardy fought out of it, but Guerrero went right back on him.  Hardy hit a standing bulldog, but it didn't even get a 1 count.  Instead, Chavo managed to get a cover for a short 2.  Leg lock by Chavo, before pressing join on the knee joint.  Hardy kicked Chavo off to the outside.  However, Chavo hung him oon the tope rope.  However, a Frog Splash missed and Hardy hit a clothesline.  They began to exchange fists, with Hardy winning and hitting an elbow drop for a 2 count.  Side Effect was blocked and Chavo went for a backslide.  Hardy counters and hit a Side Effect for a 2 count.  Hardy went to the second rope, and hit the elbow the the head, but he only scored a deuce form it.  Back elbow in the corner saw Matt go up again, but Chavo pulled him off the ropes and put on a Single Leg Boston Crab.  Hardy made the ropes from it  Matt went for a Twist Of Fate, but that was blocked, although Hardy changed up to a DDT.  Another Twist was agian block back onto the Single LEg Crab, this time in the middle of the ring.

Hardy struggled but eventually made the ropes.  Chavo picked him up, but Hardy hit an enziguri.  Chavo went for the Three Amgios.  However, on the thrid, Matt hit a Twist Of Fate and scored the three count!


We go back to Cole & Lawler, who notes that we're 2 for 2 in title retentions.  We then see Tony Dorsett in the crowd.  They send it to RAW where we see the show closing angle where Vince took a big fall.

We cut back to Mike Adamle and Tazz at the ECW desk.  They say the McMahons would be issuing a statement on RAW.  Next up is the, well you can probably guess...

Kane vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry in a "Can Kane keep the ECW Title on RAW???" Triple Threat match for the ECW Title

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring first as we saw him defeating Kane on ECW last Tuesday.  Big Show then made his way to the ring, as they put over all of Big Show's title reigns.  When Kane came out, Tazz again put over his title reigns, while Adamle noted that kane was now part of RAW.  Tazz pimped Gillette while Adamle said he liked the batteries.  They then gave them the "Main Event" introductions.

Kane went after his challengers right away, before he avoided a Henry charge, sending him into Big Show.  Dropkick to the knee of Henry before Kane kicked him out the ring.  However, Big Show then ran down the Big Red Machine.  Big Show hit punches to the gut in the corner.  Kane managed to hit a running DDT to Big Show, but it only scored a long 1 count.  Big Show reversed a whip and sent Kane out to the floor.  Henry watched over Kane.  Kane looked to be hurt, so Henry & Big Show faced off in the ring, The ref did an X Sign, so it could be legit.  A standoff went nowehre between the 2 in the ring.    Henry put on a headlock, but a shoulderblock to Show saw him barely move.  However, the same couldn't be said wwhen Big Show ran at Henry.  A bodyslam followed as Doctor's raced out to check on Kane.  Big Show worked over Henry in the corner, but a whip across was blocked and Henry threw fists.  Big Show punched a running Henry to the mat while Kane kept trying to get up.  Big Show went for a chokeslam, but it was blocked.  Big Show & Henry clotheslined each other down, which rallied Kane, who climbed up to the top rope.  he hit the flying clothesline to Henry and then smacked Big Show.  He worked over both opponents until Henry caught Kane in a bearhug.  Kane whipped Heny across and Big Show booted him down.  They then hit a double chokeslam on Henry with each of them getting a 2 count out of it.

The former tag champions began to duel it out.  Kane scored with an enziguri and climbed back up top, but he jumped into a chokeslam.  However, Kane kicked out as the hand came down for the three!  Kane sat up and grabbed Show in a choke.  Big Show hit something of an Angle Slam, scoring a close 2 off of that.  Big Show, for whatever reason, climbed up top!  Kane came across and suplexed Big SHow off the top.  However, Mark Henry LITERALLY FLEW IN with a World's Strongest Splash on Kane for the three count!


JR & Foley take over again as they talk about Batsita vs. Edge, as it will be Dave's last chance at defeating Edge, leading to a plug for the poll about what titles will end up on RAW, who are now entirely titleless.

Maria is backstage with Eve Torres.  She wondered if he was going back with a title.  Batista said he wouldn't be leaving empty handed.  Cena stepped on screen and welcomed him back to RAW.  Cena noted that if Batista he might not be the only champion.  Then CM PUnk stepped in, saying he hoped to see both titles come back, hinting he might use the MITB shot.

Cody Rhodes & Bob Holly vs. Ted Dibiase Jr & ??? in a "Another "Mystery Opponent" match goes by, and yet again, Dennis Stamp wasn't booked..." match for the World Tag Team Titles

Bob and Cody make their way out, and they were in matching colours.  Ted Dibiase came out to some new music, called "Priceless".  Not bad.  He walked down to the aisle on his own, and got in the ring.  Lillina then called out his tag partner, which led to Ted getting the mic.  He said his partner was running late, so if they could just wait 10 minutes...  Everyone told him to get on with it.  Can you tell what's about to happen?

They started the match with Ted on his own.  Cody started off for his team.  However, Teddy wanted Bob Holly to start things off, which Holly was only too happy to oblige.  However Cody IMMEDIATELY DDT'ed Holly and started to laugh.  Ted introduced his partner...CODY RHODES!

Rhodes tagged in DiBiase and he put the Million Dollar Dream on Holly before slamming him back for the three count!


Cody got on Lillian's mic and re-announced the new champions.  And suddenly Cody had a persona to him!

We saw a promo for HHH's DVD.  Will have to buy that one, although I've for Flair and Rock on the way.

Cole & Lawler were back on the mic, as COle sent it to Todd Girsham, whi was in a Skybox with JBL.  JBL said he owned the Skybox before asking why this PPV was being held in this city and JBL wasn't in a match.  Todd right noted he wasn't a champion.

He's not...but I know who is...


(If only I was psychic or had time to photoshop something...)

JBL grabbed the mic and put over his business accomplishments and said with Vince out, he was the richest guy in the company.  JBl said he couldn't see any championship banners and that Dallas had done nothing but produce failures, like the Cowboys, who choked to the New York Football Giants, who were from his home city.  His New York Giants.  He said he was Texas's favourite New Yorker, and as far as having a title, it's not "if", it's "when".

Chris Jericho vs. ??? in a "What is this?  A Night Of Champions or a Night Of Mystery Opponents?" match for the Intercontinental Title

Chris Jericho made his way out first.  Well, it was hardly going to be the surpise opponent...  As per the form for ht enight, his title reigns were put over.  Coel said Y2J told him he had no remorse.  It wasn't any longer about saving the WWE, but saving himself form the liars and cheats like Shawn Michaels.  Jericho got on the microphone, saying he was told to come out and defend his title against a surprise opponent.  He didn't know who it was, but he knew who it wasn't.  Shawn Michaels.  We saw Lance Cade at ringside looking around.  Jericho belittled HBK's eye injury, saying that he kept turning upp, no matter his condition and that he missed big events.  But what was it for?  We didn't appreciate it and he was an honest man, and whoever it was, he could get vindication.

Then his opponent came out...




Zah's recent bandwagon muse made his way out to the ring, as Lawler wondered why Cade was out there.  The pair locked up and Jericho took Kingston into the corner.  Jericho slapped the Jamaican.  They exchanged waistlocks, but Jericho grabbed a headlock and took him over.  Kingston elbowed out of it, but Jericho ran him down before kicking Kofi in the chest.  Jericho tried sending Kofi out the ring, but he blocked it and legfrogged over a running Jericho.  Jericho bailed out, but Kingston dived out onto Jericho.  Back in the ring, Kofi went up top and hit a huge crossbody for a 2 count.  Kofi worked Jericho over in the corner, but Jericho countered the mounted punches, sending Kofi down to the floor.

Jericho drove Kofi into the side of the ring a couple of times before rolling him back in the ring.  Shoulders wer driven into Kingston's gut, before he was whipped, hard, across the ring.  Kingston picked himself on the apron and blcoked suplex attempts before teasing his own.  However Jericho eventually scored with one for a 2 count.  Jericho it a backbreaker and stretched his opponent.  Kingston kneed out of it.  Before he got back to his feet though, Jericho hit a running dropkick.  Y2J then gave Kofi a knee to the back while Kofi was propped up by the ropes.  Jericho then put on an abdominal stretch.

The ref checked on him a couple of times, but Kingston rallied and armdragged his way out of it.  However, Jericho sent Kofi into the ropes, choking him there.  Kofi was placed up top, and Jericho joined him for a back superplex.  However, Kofi turned in mid-air with a crossbody, scoring a 2 count.  Kofi scores with a chop and dropkic,, before a flying forearm.  He then went for his signature leg drop, but Jericho put on the Walls.  Kofi  coutnered that into a roll up for a 2 count.  The elg drop without the rigmarole scored Kofi another deuce.  Hurricnarana by Kofi scored another nearfall, although Jericho then downed Kofi.  Punt to the ribs by Jericho.  Jericho hit a scoop slam and then a Lionsault.  Jericho then put on the Walls Of Jericho, with Kofi all kinds of bent.  HBK came in through the crowd anddistracted Jericho.  Kingston hit the Trouble In Paradise and won the IC Title!!!!


However, it wasn't without cost to Michaels as the doctors rushed to ringisde to check on HBK.  Jericho saw Michaels was still there and scowled.  If looks could kill...

Jericho left the ring and stalked HBK, but referees and officials ran out to stop him.  Jericho got in one punch to the eye though, before being backed up.

As HBK reeled, we saw a replay of the finish.

We cut back to see Shawn sturggling to get his vision in check, before Cole and Lawler talk about the HH vs. Cena match, again pimping the poll.

We went backstage to vicki and the wedding planner.  Edge was there too.  The Rated Rmy came in and they talked about the match.  Dumbass Number 1 mentioned HHH's help on Friday, suggesting that they might have gotten HHH on their side.  Edge took exception to this, noting all of his acccomplishments, saying he didn't need anyone's help.  He said he'd leave Batista beaten and empty-handed.

Back to Cole & lawler.  They pimped Gillette again, before showing a commerical for Gillette with Vince & John Cena.  I found it funny...

Mickie James vs. Katie Lea Burchill in a "MON' THE BRIT!" match for the WWE Women's Title

Mickie made her way out first.  Cole noted that Mickie won the title in London.  Speaking of London, Katie Lea came out, along with Burchill.  Katie went for series of qucik pins right away, but barely got a 2 count, let alone three.  Mickie took Katie down to the mat with a waistlock, before scoring a roll up of her own for a quick 2 count.  Mickie scored with a monkey flip and forearm.  She then hit a neckbraker before heading up top.  However, Katie dove out the ring on the other side, seeing it coming.  Katie mauled Mickie coming in and scored a 2 count.  However, Mickie scored with a seated dropkick for a 2 count.  Katie hit a back suplex, trapping the arm at the same time.  Katie decided to go to work on the shoulder joint.

Katie blocked a headscissors and sent Mickie's shouder into the turnbuckle.  Katie scored a 2 count, before barring the arm.  Paul told his sister to rip the arm off.  Nice.  Mickie fought back to her feet and hit a Thesz Press with punches.  Armbar takedown socred a 2 count for Katie.  The ref continually forced Katie back out of the corner.  However, in another corner, Mickie scored with the headscissors and a couple of clotheslines.  Mickie snapmared Katie and hit a forearm for 2.  Mickie went for her DDT, but Katie grabbed the arm and barred it, looking for the submission.  Mickie rolled through and then managed to stand up and armdrag out of it.  However, Burchill sent her opponent's shoulder into the corner again.  Back suplex was countered and Mickie hit her DDT for the three count!


We sent it back to Foley & JR.  Ross asked is the title changes offer a worrying trend in how the rest of the matches would go.  Foley did wonder.  The results of the poll said that Batista by the slimmest of margins would be the man who take a title back to RAW, but "Both" was 1% behind and Cena was 1% behind that.  That's damn close...

We cut to a video of Edge banishing Undertaker and whatnot leading up to the title match.

Edge vs. Batista in a "One last time...Thank God..." match for the World Heavyweight Title

Edge made his way to the ring first.  After a LONG wait, Batista's music played and The Animal, who was wearing more bright red than he should, came out.  Deacon Dave got an extended entrance and pretty much a full personal bio from JR.  Like the ECW Title match earlier, they got the "Main Event" introductions.  By the way, whoever told Justin Roberts to wear a white suit needs slaps.  Batista shoved Edge down off a lock up.  Another lock up saw him get a side headlock, but was shoulderblocked odwn by The Animal.  Batista sent Edge to the outside before they got in a foot race.  however, Edge got back in and tried a baseball slide, which missed, allowing Batista to send Edge into the guardrail.  Back in, Batista scored a 2 count.  Batista went to work on Edge's ribs, scoreding another 2 off a hard whip into the corner.  batista snapmared Edge over and hit a running kick to the face.  Batista followed up with a Jackhammer Slam, drawing a Goldberg chant, for a 2 count.  Batista then clotheslined Edge out the ring.  However, as Batista came back in after he rolled Edge in, Edgeward sent his opponent into the ringpost.  Edge scored with a baseball slide, sending Batista into Adamle and Tazz at ringside, sending their notes flying.  Batista made it back in before a 10 count.  Choking in the ropes by Edge, before Edge crossbodied Batista in the back.  Edge worked Batista over on the apron before rolling back in.

Batista drove a shoulder into the gut of Edge a couple of times as he came back in, but Edge got a drop toe hold and a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count.  Edge then put on a chinlock.

Batista worked his way back to his feet and he rammed Edge into the corner.  However, Edge avoided a charge, sending Batista into the second turnbuckle again.  Edge worked over Batista in the corners before hitting another neckbreaker for a 2 count.  Edge then went back to the chinlock.  However, Batsita fought out of it with elbows.  batista charged at Edge, but he countered with a Brisco roll up for a 2 count.  Edge pulled himself up on the outside and started to climb up.  Batisat stopped that idea, but Batista was hung on the top rope.  Back in the ring though, Batista hit a clothesline, drawing a standing 10 count.  They got up and Batista took control , working Edge over in the corner.  Edge then ran into a Black Hole Slam for a close 2 count.  Edge telegrpahed Batista, but ran into a spear from Batista for another close 2 count.  Deacon Dave looked to finish, but it was blocked.  Pwerslam by batista scored however, and we set for the Bomb again.  But Edge got out of it and hit the Impaler DDT for a close 2 count.  Edge got to the corner and set for a spear, but Batista booted him down.  Batista began to climb up top.  However, as he dove off, Edge scored with a dropkick.  Vicki and the Rmy came out and down the aisle as Edge reaided for a spear.  However, atsiat again avoided it and hit a spinebuster for a2 ocunt when Vicki pulled the ref's leg!  Batista then sent Edge itno the ringpost and to the outside.  The ref started a count, but Edge pulled the ref out the ring and downed him.  Vicki got on the microphone and demanded another referee...

Then Chavo Guerrero's music played and Vicki's pephew came out in a referee's shirt.  As he came out, Batista grabbed Vicki.  Batista picked her up and tossed her to the floor onto the Familia.  However, Edge clocked Batista with the belt and Chavo dove in and made the three count!


La Familia got Vicki back in her wheelchair to wheel her back up the ramp as we saw the finish to the match.

Batista got the "standing ovation" exit as he recovered in the ring.

We saw an advert for the Great American Bash that incorporated car crashes and big spots.

Cole & Lawler were on hand to call the main event.  We saw HHH walking when Todd Girsham caught up to him.  Hunter said he was going to do what he should have done 2 years ago.  Cole cued up the hype video.

HHH vs. John Cena in a "Will HHH finally get his win back?" match for the WWE Heavyweight Title

First out came John Cena, to his usual mixed reception.  HHH made Cena wait before coming out.  He made us all wait, damn it.  But then again, it's only 20 past the hour.  There's time.  Coel put over HHH's accomplishments BIG.  Then again, those are some pretty big accomplishments.  And for a final time, they got the in-ring intros.  And I would like it noted that HHH looks so damn orange, he coupld be peeled to reveal the juicy fruit inside.  After a few moments, they lock up.  HHH scores with a shoulderblock.  HH grabbed a headlock, and again, HHH scored witha shoulderblock.  Cena was then armdragged and HHH told Cena to suck it.  Cena collected himself, but found himself on the wrong end of a side headlock again.  This time however, Cena powered out and put on one of his own, and kept it on when HHH tried to break free.  HHH grabbed the ropes, before shvoing off.  This time though, it was Cena who hit a shoulderblock and then a clothesline.  Cena then taunted HHH.  Cena then tackled HHH and it fell into a fist fight.  Cena hit a Protoplex as HHH came out the corner.  cena scored with one diving shoudler tackle, but HHH ducked under another, laving Cena lying on the outside.  HHH went out and joined him, sending Cena into the side of the ring back-first.  Knees to the back of Cena.

Suplex by The Game was followed by an elbow drop.  HHH took Cena and whipped him hard into the corner, with Cena's back smacking the turnbuckles.  HHH then did it again into the opposite corner for a 2 count.  They exchanhed fists, but Cena ran into HHH's feet while coming out the corner.  HHH came off the second rope into Cena's shoe and he began to build momentum.  He hit the Protobomb and then went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  However, Cena took too much time and HHH tripped him up.  HHH then hit the Harley Race high-knee.  That was followed by a knee to the face.  HHH went for the Pedigree, but Cena blocked it and hit the Throwback (as called by Cole!).  Cena decided to climb up top as well, and he hit the leg drop the the head.  Cena looked for the STFU, but HHH kicked him off.  Cena ducked a shot and hit another Protobomb and again set for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.   However again, HHH countered, this time getting up and hitting another high knee.  Spinebuster by the champion.

HHH again looked to finish, but again, Cena saw it coming and Cena sent HHH up and over to the floor.  HHH immediately grabbed his knee when he hit the floor and Coel & Lawler didn't like the look of it.  However, HHH dragged himself back in the ring to break the count, but HHH didnt' get back in.  Cena decided to take advnatge and he chop blocked HHH and the dropped the injured knee on the steps.  Cena then wrapped the knee around the ringpost.  Twice.  Cena agin looked for the STFU, but HHH grabbed the rope.  Cena hit another chop block.  Another STFU attempt was kicked off.  Cena continued to hold HHH's leg and looked ot have the hold, but HHH made the ropes.

Cena called for the FU.  However, HHH countered into a Pedigree!  However, HHH obviously landed on his bad knee and Cena kicked out right before the three count.  This drew a standing 10 count from Mike Chioda.  They both got up just before 10.  Cena hit the FU!  Cena made the cover, but HHH kicked out at 2!  Another standing 10 count.  And again they were up just in time.  They traded haymakers, with each man barely able to stand.  And this drew the "YAY!  BOO!" chants.  Cena scored with a third Protobomb however.  And for a third time, he went to the Shuffle well.  And the third time was the charm as he hit it this time.

Cena readied for an FU, but HHH grabbed the ropes and he got out of it.  HHH went for the Pedigree and Cena slipped out and locked in the STFU!!!  HHH pushed up and tried to make it to the ropes.  He was a finertip away when Cena pulled him back into the middle of the ring.  However, HHH countered into a Crippler Crossface!  Cena looked as if he was fading.  However, Cena then awoke and picked HHH up for the FU!  That was countered into a Pedigree though and HH got the three count!!!


Monday Night RAW does NOT have ANY World-level Titles.  The option that drew 7% in the mobile poll is the one that came to pass!

Cena headed right up the ramp to leave, as Lawler wondered if his arm had been re-hurt, given how he was carrying it.  This left HHH to once again poses with a title in the ring to close out a PPV.

Well, personally I thought this was a great show.  Not a bad match between them and some really good stuff here.  And Smackdown has 2 World Titles!  I'll see you this coming Friday to see what happens next!

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